"Wonderfully engaging . . . Filled with Godly Guidance, gentle admonition, and in-depth examinations of Scripture from all corners of the Bible . . . Spoke to me many times."

Editors, Xulon Press

Experience the Living Christ!
Wins Third Place

Experience the Living Christ! Learning to Live in the Presence of God won third place in the Christian Living category of the 2015 Christian Author Awards Contest. Sponsored by Xulon Press, the Christian Author Awards recognizes preeminent new Christian authors who have written exceptional books independently published by non-traditional publishers.

I have known Norman Mears for the last ten years. His passion to know and honor Jesus Christ is consistent and unshakable. His desire for others to know the risen Savior in a personal and intimate way is the essence of this fine book.

Dr. James J. Seymour
North Haven Church

Allow me to recommend a good book written by a dear friend, Norman Mears. I've known Norman and his wife Vicki for about 15 years. It was an honor to serve as their pastor during the years when Norman was writing this book. It's been a blessing to witness how he has lived out the truths presented in this book. Check it out on Amazon.com or Barnsandnoble.com.

Randy Carter
Director of Christian Life Ministries

Norman and his wonderful wife Vicki are truly committed Christians who live dedicated Christian lives. They are committed to helping others through teaching, training and producing materials to encourage others to walk boldly in Christ. They are committed to serving and helping Christian leaders and missionaries. Both of them are truly dedicated Christians with whom I have been blessed to be around.

Dock Hobbs

This is quite a book and is obviously penned by someone who has walked the path for many years. In a sense, it feels almost like a life's work and that's probably because it describes the journey towards Christian maturity starting from the very beginning. This is a good read for the new believer; although much will have to be walked out to fully appreciate. This is a good book for the mature believer; just as when one must check the map to make sure they've been on the right path towards their destination. I really think this would be a great book for a study group, probably over three months, where young and mature believers can discuss the journey; the journey where Christ himself is drawing us constantly into deeper fellowship with himself. Solid, charismatic and thoroughly Christocentric.

Amazon Customer

This book was recommended to me by a friend and I am happy that they did. A well written book, I found it particularly touching and totally captivating. My long relationship with Jesus Christ is a personal one based on prayer, study of the Word and faith. Rather than creating a check list for the reader, implying that the way to experience Jesus is by checking off the boxes, the author lays out a path for the experience, allowing me, as the reader, to engage with the material. The last few chapters, which discuss the building of a stronger and more mature relationship, were my favorite. I would definitely recommend this to others.

Rev. B. McDonald

Experience the Living Christ! by Norman Mears is a superb book. Reading the book will help you hear from God better. It will help you in your prayer life and devotional life. It gets into the depths of communicating with God. The book is very powerful and I highly recommend it.

Rev. Bruce Bandy, M. Div.

It is obvious that Norman Mears invested many, many hours in prayer and research to produce the completed teaching: Experience the Living Christ! Learning to Live in the Presence of God

This powerful work reminds me that supernatural living is directly associated with my intimacy with God. There is no substitute for sending time with God and experiencing His presence trough His Word, the Holy Bible.

Mr. Mears makes it clear that true hunger for God's presence and guidance requires many sacrifices: time, priorities, activities, and associations to name a few. Spiritual maturity that reflects the character of Christ requires a totally yielded heart from one who is committed to fulfilling God's perfect will for their life.

It is my deepest desire to know God more intimately, to love Him more deeply, and to serve Him more effectively and faithfully. I anticipate a deeper walk with the Living Christ, and you who read this collection of life-giving truths will have the same desire. To God be the glory forever.

Sharon Powell